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The Canadian Paramedic Memorial Foundation is committed to building a National Monument honouring the dedication and sacrifice of all Canadian Civilian and Military Paramedics who have lost their lives in the line-of-duty.

Phillip Young

April 30, 1992

John O’Mahoney

December 6, 2010

Francois Pichette

October 4, 1999

Michael Jolin

March 11, 2007

Andrea Thompson

October 2, 2005

Manueal Caudros

July 27, 1995

Jean Roy

October 2, 1998

Alfred Barr

March 8, 2017

Charles Ransom

June 26, 1989

Tony Sunderland

June 4, 1988

Dustin Dagenais

May 31, 2013

Andrew Eykelenboom

August 11, 2006

Carol Schlamp

April 5, 1990

Andy Goedicke

January 11, 1995

Ivan Polivka

October 19, 2010

Mark Salesse

February 11, 2015

Shawn Currier

May 17, 2006

Theresa Bond

April 05, 1990

Jo-Ann Fuller

October 19, 2010

Mike Gray

April 8, 2008

Jacques Beauregard

April 22, 2000

Wayne Dufty

May 29, 2003

Colin Wilmot

July 8, 2008

Wendy Thompson

January 11, 1995

Ronald O’Neill

October 15, 1980

Ian Harris

November 30, 1988

John Rossiter

September 29, 2003

Wade Fisher

October 15, 1980

Ronald MacDonald

February 11, 1997

Peter Madill

November 30, 1980

William Mallock

August 16, 2014

Keith Barrie

July 27, 1995

Kirk Noel

July 13, 2006

Paul Patterson

February 25, 2007

Nicholas Beauchamp

November 17, 2007

Donald Contant

November 30, 1988

Richard Cocks

October 15, 1980

Ken Doughty

October 4, 1995

Kim Weitzel

May 17, 2006

Andrew Miller

June 26, 2010

Darrell Cronin

October 2, 1998

Glen Arnold

September 18, 2006

April Hopkins

October 20, 2002

Christian Duchesne

August 22, 2007

Janick Gilbert

October 27, 2011

“The Foundation is such an important cause – it brings hope and recognizes the passion and dedication of Paramedics.”




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The Foundation is continuing its commitment to build a National Monument honouring all Canadian Paramedics who have lost their lives in the line-of-duty.  The Monument will recognize the dedication and sacrifice of our fallen Paramedics and be a place for family, friends and colleagues to mourn and remember.

Canadian Paramedics are an integral part of Emergency Services throughout this nation.  These first responders are dedicated to the safety, security and preservation of life both at home and abroad.  Often engaged in dangerous places, events and sometimes unimaginable situations, Paramedics serve us all proudly.

The Foundation believes after consultation that the Monument should be in the Nation’s Capital – Ottawa, Canada for all Canadians to see.  The Foundation is currently working with the National Capital Commission to obtain the necessary approvals to facilitate the selection of the Monument’s final location.

An initial artist design concept rendering of the monument was contracted by the Foundation that was used in our awareness campaign.  A national architectural engineering design competition will be opened once fundraising is completed.

Everyone has, or will someday, be touched by the service of Canadian Paramedics. Give generously as every dollar counts – no donation is too small.  The Foundation relies solely on public donations and corporate sponsorship for fundraising.


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